The Week of Underdog Victories…

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Week 2 picks

BUF v Jack – BUF, seems easy enough to me.

CHI v Caro – CHI, I think they will win easier than imagined. They have something to prove, and played well the first week.

GB v DET – sorry Lions fans (I hear that there are some out there… ) I have to take GB. When Detroit loses the fans are going to go nuts! Fire Millen! Geez! I need a new topic on The Ticket already!

Indy V Minn – Indy, Payton will pull this one off. Plus I still hate the Vikings from Dante Culpepper days… let it go LG!

NO v Wash – NO, although I read that many of their starters are out, and the Saints seem to play better at home… whatever.

NYG v STL – NYG…. if STL wins, oh forget it, STL won't win.

OAK at KC – KC, I don't ever remember seeing Oakland win, ever! I still remember how cute Jon Gruden looks though from his days there, but he looks better now in TB with the tan and all.


Oh yes, much better Jon… oh I guess it would be a good time to take…

ATL v TB, sorry Jonnie, I have to go with ATL… their victory last week was too big to ignore signore. But you'll always be hot so that's okay.

TN v Cinci – Despite suicidal tendencies, I'll take TN, plus, remember… I hate the Beagles because I'm a BROWNS fan… remember?

SF v SEA, SF screwed me the first week, so I'll take SEA.

BAL v Hou – Baltimore… Hou sucked against PITS, and I want to punish them for getting their ass kicked so bad, and making PIT look like a good team and giving them confidence and self assurance which they don't need because they are dirty egotistical apes! So there, go Ravens.

MIA v ARI – MIAMI – they played really well last week, and were close to winning. I think they are going to win a few this year with the regime change an' all.

NE v NYG – Cassel v Favre. I'll take the New York Bretts.

SD v DEN – You better win this week SD, or you're in trouble! Plus Billy saw Merriman at a steakhouse in BUF, so I'll chose SD!

PIT v CLE – As if you have to ask. This will be an upset for the ages… if not someone might be 'playing for pizza'… No seriously CLE can win, especially when I see and mind control Roethliosdhgjkhdfg and Ward. I have that kind of power y'know.

PHI v Dallas – Both came out pretty strong last week, but I think DAL is an easy pic, although they did beat CLE last week… I'm a big girl and can now wish them well… I think they'll have a good year this year.  

There you have it folks.. picks from a chick who really doesn't know what the hell she is doing. So far I'm 8/16… a monkey could be better!


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