A laughing God

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Okay, that is a bit extreme but let me expand.

I have recently finished a book where the main character, through terrible circumstances as a child, believes not in a loving nor cruel God, but one that see humour in the painful situations he deals.

As I sit here looking at the forecast for Cleveland,

the idea of a laughing God surfaces. Of course I absolutely do not think myself so important that God would create a weather pattern just to see me wet, but, (and my point is coming)….

It seems so often when we plan something (camping in June for instance) the weathers is bad (okay, admittedly the weather in Oscoda MI was fantastic…). I have in this world someone who I believe to be my nemesis… and don't you know that every time she has made outdoor plans this year, everytime, the weather has been perfect, not a cloud nor a drop. Now knowing her, you can believe that she thinks the weather was perfect for her because she is such a good person, and deserving of it to be so.  

That's when God is laughing.

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