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At this time I would like to recap my choices for this week's NFL football picks…

I find that first few weeks of the season the most difficult when choosing picks… however, this year I jumped right in and made some very poor choices… let's review…

NYG @ Wash – Good pick

DET @ ATL – I choose DET, which was STUPID, STUPID, (and don't forget) STUPID! Why oh why did I pick Detroit? Well, I listen to pretty much only sports radio in the car and I now realize that I was completely brainwashed by the Detroit media… I predicted that DET will suck more than they are expected to (no more than 6 wins), but I thought that they would come out strong in the first few weeks, and I also assumed that ATL would still be suffering the loss of that prick of quarterback…apparently not!… why oh why? I know in my heart that they suck… I shall not be brainwashed anymore!

Cinci @ Balt – Good pick. I'm not a fan of Cinci, (I can't be because I'm a CLEVELAND fan – DUH!) and was happy to see them lose.

SEA @ BUF – A no brainer and I don't know why that pick came so easy to me.

NYJ @ MIA – This also was a no brainer, however, William and I watched the whole game, and Miami was a serious contender, but the calls weren't going their way at all. I think there was 3 delay of games that weren't called, and maybe an all important pass interference. Really close game. Miami looked suprisingly tight, and that's good because William is a lifer of a Miami fan, (Dan Marino days… dontgetmestartedonDanMarinough) Oh, I also would like to note, that the last full game Brett Favre played in was 120*F colder than yesterday! Crazy! 

KC @ NE – Another no – brainer that turned out to be a fairly close game.. of course the headlines today are filled with 'Tom Brady – out for the season?' Uh, I doubt it… I don't think he is human remember….

We'll see about his knee… it did look painful. And let's not avoid, 'Brett still a good quarterback' or whateveryougetmypoint. I am so tired of hearing about Favre! 

STL @ PHI – Easy pic, I don't know why.

HOU @ PIT – Okay, this is where things get messy. I knew in my heart that Houston would never beat the Steelers, however I wanted it so very badly, that I made a STUPID, STUPID pick. I would like to note, that I hate the Steelers. They crushed the Texans… ugh.  

JACK @ TN – Wha? Tennessee beat Jacksonville? Perhaps TN is still on the high from beating Indy in the last week of regular season play last year (a la 'Help Us Tony Dungy – You're Our Only Hope…

which he didn't. That's right Indy… I won't forget that one!) The TN win really surprised me, and a lot of people I think.

DAL @ CLE – Okay, okay, okay…  Cleveland lost big time. Huge. Stomped. They couldn't get near Tony Romo. It was hard to watch. Their defense is well, not great. Their offense, well, it could use some work. Again, I knew that CLE had about a 4% chance of winning, but I really, really wanted them to win so very bad! I wore my hat and all brown all day! What more can I do?

CAR @ SD – Wha? Huh? I didn't see that one coming! I don't think most people did.

ARI @ SF – See above.

CHI @ Indy – Oh for God's sake! What is happening in the world of football? Did Mars fall out of orbit or something? I didn't see any of this game, and will have to read what the hell happened.

There are two games tonight, I have MIN and DEN, let's see if I can redeem myself, or if I should just delcare myself and IDIOT of football pool players.

From now on… I will NOT:

– Choose teams to win simply because I really want them to, (except CLE next week, sorry I can't take PIT and I'LL BE THERE!).

- Blindly believe whatever The Ticket says – arg! 

And that is all good people.  


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