Best NLF Fan Base (Fox Sports)

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#4 Cleveland Browns

How can you not have complete respect for Browns fans? They have every reason to go the way of a Falcons fan, but their loyalty to the Browns has no rival. Art Modell ripped their team out from under them and as soon as the expansion team showed up, the Dog Pound was back in full effect. The Pound was firing on all cylinders last season as the team seemed to turn the corner and if the team ever does get over the hump, the city of Cleveland had better watch out!

Can't wait until the band-wagoners jump on during this season! It will be an even bigger base! Me predicts.

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One thought on “Best NLF Fan Base (Fox Sports)

    Picklez said:
    September 4, 2008 at 12:08 pm

    It was my step-father who introduced me to the world of the Cardiac Kids. They are the perpetual underdawgs of the NFL. Right now, I just wish they could solve their "revolving" quarterback situation. I think Romeo is a solid head coach and a good tactician, but without a quarterback who can play the entire season (due to injuries or incompetence) the Browns won't make it to the playoffs.

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