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Is a very exciting day!

Why oh why you may ask? Well because today Cleveland Brown tickets go on sale at 10am…

Oh yeah!

We hope to be attending the night game against Pittsburgh in September. It will be awesome!

Also today we are playing in a couples' Scotch ball tournament at Sutton Creek. The format is really fun, and you truly have to work as a team. There is no way in hell we can win… I predict a 4 under par victory… but it will be fun fun fun.


Also today I'm ordering a new Skully Skully jumped ship on Thursday night during match play (I swear that's why we lost, by one lousy hole…) Hopefully he was found by a loving and caring golfer that will appreciate his abilities as much as I did…

He was a good Skull, and I shall miss him…

Hopefully my golf sandals have been repaired, as the shoe guy wasn't sure if he could fix them… I'm looking forward to getting them back, as my crazy foot tan is starting to fade, and we can't have that happen…

Well I should go, things to do, places to go, tickets to order (at 10am) shoes to pick up, Skullys to buy, courses to golf, things to eat, booze to drink, etc., etc., etc.

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