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Here are some pics from the week-end…

 This is the view from the suite at the Hilton, pretty nice…

We took a boat tour along the Detroit and Windsor coast line. Here is a sample of the poorly developed Detroit coast. This is less than 1/4 East of the GM building, pretty much downtown… very sad… although the people fishing don't seem to mind…

This totally decrepit and vacant apartment building is normal for the Detroit River. This building is about 1 mile East of downtown… scary…

Taking this cruise with people from out of town really made me realize how unique and awesome our waterfront is. Park land for miles. Kiddie parks, a scupture park, bike and walking trails, gardens, fountains, it's gorgeous.

This is the Hilton viewed from the river.

This is a picture of a creepy window at the Francois Baby house in Windsor, behind the Hilton. Spooky!



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One thought on “Some pics

    Sara said:
    June 22, 2008 at 8:34 pm

    There's such a contrast on the Detroit River, looking from Detroit to Windsor. One side is clean, the other…Well, that scary run down apartment building you posted a photo of pretty much sums it up.

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