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So, Tennessee with Kiks was all in all a great vacation. When we pulled up to the house on Friday afternoon, Kim was amazed at the huge rhododendron in the front yard, while I was more surprised to see a huge tree lying across the driveway, with the electric (not hydro…) and phone lines beneath it. Great. Friday afternoon and no power. Luckily, (if having a huge tree across you driveway has any luck involved…) the Volunteer Electric company had a guy out within about half an hour. He must be the kamikaze tree remover, as he was slinging a chainsaw above his head and ducking quickly away ninja style when the branches would crash down. He was joined by a slight Spanish dude who really wanted to drink warm beer with us (that didn't happen).

So, the whole episode was a deep learning experience, as now when I arrive at the house in TN, I shall forever appreciate A) electricity and B) not having to remove a huge tree and C) being able to easily access the garage. Brilliant!

I'll give you more later…

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