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Kim and I were able to get out golfing 4 times last week in Tennessee. Once at Bear Trace Cumberland and 3 times at Lake Tansi. I really do like Bear Trace, but I prefer Tansi. It's much easier, perfect for a vacation. It's close to the house and it's fun just to kick back, hit some balls and have a few cocktails.

I golfed fairly well, keeping in mind that Tansi is a very easy course, my best was a 91 and a 93. I could have done much better, but oh well. I think I had a total of 4 birdies which is a high number for me.

Luckily we were paired up with good people too. Rarely I've had to play with a-holes, but this time we golfed with a nice couple from Georgia, two golfing ladies who travel together, and a scientist guy from Knoxville. He was pretty cool and we actually played with him twice at Tansi.

The weather was much better than predicted, so about half the clothes I brought remained untouched… what else is new? Maybe one day I'll learn…

Here's a picture of my drive on #7 at Tansi… I know I birdied that hole, but I'm not sure if it was with this fantastic shot or not…

Here's Kiks swinging away… I think this was at Tansi…

Yeah there's more, but it's nice outside, so I'm going back out!

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