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Because I don't have the patience to write in proper paragraphs

– Yesterday was the first annual Grady Master's event. It was cold (about 45*F) windy with occasional driving rain. Obviously this event was for men only, and consisted of just Billy, JP and PF. PF won the event, and during his acceptance speech (involving cash and a trophy) PF sadly acknowledged that all he needed to do to win was simply break 100…. next year may be different… the weather was terrible.

– Last night was fun! The prime rib was by far the best we've ever had. We think due to an odd set of circumstances that we stumbled upon a fail proof way to make the perfect prime rib. We'll try again in a month or so I'm sure… I'm loving the grilled red onions as a side and a topping to the prime rib…

– As per usual, a get together at our house involved being really full from dinner, then busting out the Wii. The boys bowled (for money, of course, duh) and then played a little tennis. We then moved on to the PS2 for a little Dance Dance Revolution, where BMW showed great improvement, (not to mention looking fairly fly…) and has motivated me to work on my skills (or lack thereof…). Billy is moving a little slow today, not due to excessive drinking, but from playing Wii. He he.  

– It makes me so happy to have a good dinner and a nice time with friends at our house. In my opinion, it's the best place to be (indoors, Kiki's backyard is hands down the best in the summer….), and the layout is perfect for what we do. Ahhh, so nice! Next time, I want to see if we can borrow Billy's sister's Guitar Hero. That game is fun and addictive… probably a good thing that we don't own one…

– Kiks bought me, (for no real reason, my birthday is in July… she's just nice like that) a kick ass pair of golf shorts from Mark's Work Wearhouse. They may be my new favs, as soon as I tan my legs a bit… rats! no pics available online…

– Today MomG is coming over for lasagna and homemade bread. This is Billy's department, the most I will do is watch him and possibly stir the sauce.

– It's lightly snowing outside, but the weather is supposed to be improving this week… it can't get worse! So I already have plans to golf on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday… Saturday I have a meeting about the 9 hole league. Fun, fun fun!

– I'm a lucky girl, and life's good…

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