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Two days since my last post? What have I been doing? I've accomplished a few things outdoors, (although it looks like a drop in the bucket) I'm still restricting myself, so the pond was off limits. Now that it's back to being damned cold outside, I guess I'm back to blogging, reading, and well, cleaning…

What does one think about whilst cutting down 15 foot high, 2 feet in diameter, giant plume grass? Here are some things I've thoughts I've had in the last few days…


Dear Ms. Christine Beatty,

I'm so sorry that someone who is as obviously as smart and talented as you are did not have the common sense to avoid sleeping with a married man who happens to be the mayor of Detroit, AND sending him sexy text messages on a phone supplied by and paid for by the taxpayers of Detroit to your married lover, THEN lie about it under oath…. So now you are upset to wear an electronic tether, as it will cause distress to your children to see their mother as a common criminal…. how do your children feel about your well publicised affair? So that is okay, but the tether is offensive… You visit you father and conduct a few job interviews on the side, and the judge reminds you that you are facing 15 years in prison… he was harsh and your lawyer called that unfair… you cried… You know what is unfair Ms. Beatty, is that your mayor is a Gangsta Extra-ordinaire, and you got caught up in it, you were the chief of staff, and allowed this cover-up to continue, your lies and the mayor's little party has cost the city of Detroit MILLIONS and continues to do so every time you go to court, or are discussed in city council. You should be ashamed of yourself. You disgust me… just look at your exaggerated lying expression in the first 10 seconds of this video…

You should have to split the cost with the Mayor, and his lying lawyers and pay back the city of Detroit the money wasted by this entire debacle…


Again I find myself getting so angry at the inequities I see in people's marriages… yes, I'm obviously an outsider, and I don't know even close to the whole story I'm sure… but I'm really tired of seeing women walk all over men, and the men allowing and excusing it. I think that some women are so unhappy and jealous of their husbands that one way to feel good about themselves is to control their husbands… It's easier for the guys to go with the flow and be a doormat then stand up and possibly fight in front of their kids…. Are children always used as an object of negotiation? Was that a part of having them? Many women do have kids to trap men, that's a fact… What happens when they grow up? It pisses me off.


On days like today when I had a pretty short and simple list of things to do, I constantly think how awesome our house is. I walk around admiring aspects of it, staring at the plants, looking out the windows… Not only just the physical house itself, but how we live in it. We have such a great relationship, very fair, nobody suffers, and we both enjoy doing things together and apart. Very well balanced, and real. We have so many common interests, and just enough differences to make it fun.    


It's funny how quickly things change when the Red Wings are in the playoffs, and the Tigers are 1 in 7. Do Detroiters forget how clearly dominate the Red Wings have been over the years? One lackluster year, and a loss of a few marquee players, while the Tigers, who have stunk pretty much since 1985, (you could literally attend any game at the old Tiger Stadium and have a choice of seats….) and have a new ballpark and 2 good showings in the last couple of years and are suddenly the darlings of Detroit…. but now? Oh how the mighty have fallen in a matter of 2 weeks…. One week you hear how hard and expensive it is to get Tiger tickets and now all you hear is crickets. The Red Wings couldn't give away tickets this season…. (the first year in a long long time I might add….) and suddenly everyone is wondering if they will sell out during the playoffs…. Detroit sports fans of all types are such bandwagon jumpers and fair-weather fans.


That's all for now… 


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