Now I’ve gone and done it! and etc.

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Ugh, I was moving a plant today and I totally wrenched my lower back. I've never had back pain this bad ever, and there seems to be no position to be pain-free. Great.

Anyway, it was a great week-end. Davey came over for dinner on Saturday and Billy made prime rib. The guys' portion size was large enough to make an appointment with a cardiologist. Seriously…


Halia ate her fill too, and this is her favorite position to sleep in. Such a comfort monger…

I read a lot this week-end, as the weather is still super shit-tacular, and I can't do too much around here when the house is completely in disarray due to the ongoing painting saga.

I didn't have many plans for today, as the painter is here, so that means the upstairs is off-limits. I haven't even made the bed due to immense back pain… So I guess it's the perfect day (and excuse) to be on the couch and read… if I can get out this chair…

BTW… the golf course is supposed to open tomorrow… it's supposed to be 55*F today, but there is still snow about… we'll see… I don't think I could putt right now, let alone walk one hole… ugh!


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