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Today we are expecting the painters. Actually, they're late…. super. I'm not sure if I mentioned, but Billy thought it would be a good idea to not paint the big main room. Thank God!

Here are my reasons why hiring professionals are a good idea:

– 9 – 25 foot high ceilings, depending on where you are standing

– 9 – 25 foot high walls, depending on where you are standing

– Crazy big windows with essentially no way to get to them

Those are more than enough reasons, trust me!

So I cleared out the plants yesterday, there had to be over a dozen in that room, and because I don't know how they are painting the back wall (ladders, scaffolding, etc) I had to also clear out all things that were in the 'hole' or the wide open area in front of the fireplace.

The house looks naked and lonely. Plants really do make a difference as well as the 2 pictures we have hung in the big room. Here are some naked pictures of our house…

This picture is taken from the basement (it's a walkout) looking up the fireplace. It's a long way up…

It looks so naked and stark!

Even the kitchen looks bleak.

Halia has been wondering WTF for the last day. She gets anxious and weird when we're packing, so this has her in a state! She's been following me around and driving me crazy!

So, with regard to my list yesterday, I was able to cross trimming back the poinsettia. It looks totally violated and pathetic. That thing better bloom this next winter, or I'll be mad at having to look at that spindly plant for the next 6 months… I had a lot of plant maintenance yesterday, so that was good…

Today I'm going with MomG to pick up her new Ford Edge. That's exciting, and tonight I'm going out with a couple of girls for dinner. The conversations should be great!

Billy called the golf course and they should be open on April 1st… if not the course then the clubhouse. I hope the weather starts getting better! There is still some snow on the ground!

Anyway, life is good, and I'm looking forward to having the painting done and the house back to normal… also it looks really dirty when it's empty…

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