Billy’s birthday and week-end events

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It was a great week-end!

On Friday, we were at MomG's for Billy's birthday dinner. Halia helped Billy open gifts… she is so good for that…


We then ventured to the Lion's Head, as it was also one of Billy's friends' birthday's. We were only planning on staying for about an hour, but it ended up being pretty fun, so we were there for about 3 hours. Because it was Billy's birthday too, he was bought about a *dozen* shots. People like to buy him shots just to see the look on his face. It's impossible for him to control his facial expressions. Here's the show:





That's pretty typical.

It was a good time, and although part of me was dreading going, everyone was behaving well…. so….

On Saturday we lounged then went to the new Golf Town to look at clubs for Billy. He had hoarded and saved almost $1000 worth of gift certificates and after playing in the simulator for a while, he decided that the Calloway clubs were the best fit for him. He also added 2 wedges to the set. Awesome. Sweet. 

We then went to On The Green, the indoor golf place, where we met a couple of friends, and played 9 holes. It was great. If you can't be outside and golf, then this is the next best thing! Billy and I played pretty well, so of course that makes me even more excited about the upcoming golf season.

We went to the Keg and had a fantastic dinner, and a ton of laughs. What a perfect day!

Sunday I scabbed out on helping at SuperT's house *guilt* and was splayed on the couch until it was time for dinner at MomG's.

All in all, it was a fantastic week-end. This coming Easter week-end should be good as well! Life's good! 

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