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Today is Billy's birthday, so happy birthday husband! It should be fun…


Last night there was a pile of us girls at TOL's house. She has a new puppy named Schmeichel, and he's pretty damned cute. I actually wanted to steal him, but I didn't think that would be nice, and I'm all about the nice. So anyway, it was nice to see everyone, the apps and wine was great too. Very good.

Last week-end at the golf show, (I haven't really talked about it, due to my overwhelming guilt…) I bought myself a new golf bag. It is by far the sweetest bag I've ever seen… and the price was great at $80. It's black with some silver on it, has separate 'helix' designed club and iron compartments, (which I haven't really liked in the past… but it's great…) wheels, (although the short wheel base means that the ground has to be completely level to work well…) tons of storage including a waterproof pocket, and best of all: a built in cooler! It even has little drainage holes. Man oh man, I'm lovin it!

I cleaned my clubs and organized the bag, (so much fun…) added my new Tattoo Golf gear, (putter cover and towel… to match 'Skully') and am now just waiting for the snow to melt and the club to open… Meanwhile, the bag is too good for the garage and is resting nicely in the front bedroom.

Oh, I also should mention that although I was not looking for a bag, Kiki was for herself as well as her husband… so… we hauled 3 identical bags across the border! Aren't we going to look cute at couple's league. Billy will be the odd one out with his (although super sweet…) Nike bag. … but his is yellow and black…

So anyway…

Life's good.

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