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The bathroom was repainted as of yesterday, and I feel, strangely, so much more at peace. The other colour stressed me out! A couple of times yesterday I was concerned that our house is too brown now, (the upstairs is being painted soon…). I don't feel that it is too brown, but I worry that perhaps it *is* too brown… I'll have to think about that one… luckily, the colour is such that I don't feel like we are existing in someone's bowels… that's a joke…btw…

I also joked to Billy that my plan is nearly complete… after only 6 months of being a Cleveland Brown's fan, I've managed to paint nearly our entire house in my team's colour! *Insert evil laughter here* I warned him that soon little orange helmets will be appearing on our walls… another joke, oh, I'm full of them!

So anyway, I'm feeling very accomplished and content with our house… It was 56*F the other day, and it gave me the itch to work outside, although today is about 29*F and 3-7 inches of snow is expected tonight…. Geez! How is the golf course supposed to open at the end of the month at this rate?

Okay, so now some thoughts further to 'shopping'.

I once was in a place in my life where I could pack everything I owned into my car, (and it was a really small car…). Then came the cottage full of furniture, (and a great Lake Erie view…) then the house in Tennessee with all its stuff. Suddenly, I was an owner (joint) of many things. The places I loved, the things, not so much, (did you ever lay on the long couch? The thing was like a 12 foot – yes, 12 foot – long rock covered in cloth). So anyways, we change, we grow up…

I guess you can value what you own most by this question… "If your house was on fire, and aside from the living things inside, (they escape unharmed) what would you try to save?"

Hmmm, because I have about 7 photo albums, and that would be hard to carry, I would grab the safe where all the negatives and CDs are… (and some other valuables) but that is fireproof… so I really could leave it… hmm, I guess mine and Billy's passports and ID, (because they are a pain in the ass to replace, trust me…) um, maybe my 'hole in one ball'? It's not important, but I can't replace it… even the maps from Hawaii which I love I could replace if I really wanted to… oh, I know, my grandfather's chair from parliament, that can't be replaced, and technically it's not even mine…

and maybe the damned eagle-hawk… (I can't tell you how much I hated this thing! I still don't *like* it, but I've accepted it, as one would an ill placed boil… anyway…) 

I have to find out how much it means to Billy… there is one plant I'd try to save, (my sister gave it to me in 1997, it was my first plant…)  and some jewelry (although not monetarily valuable…. That's about it I guess… hm… it gives me something to think about…

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