Painting fool

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I'm still painting. The trim, entire basement ceiling and 1/2 the walls are done.

I must say that I hate painting white on white, and seeing as the paint store where Billy gets the big discount doesn't offer the blue or pink tint, I was SOL.

My fingers and hands are destroyed, (not that they ever where in good condition…) so dry, cracked and bleeding, and a hunk of drywall about 1/4 of inch in length is jammed under my fingernail and into my nail bed. BUT, it's all worth it, it's looking really good… (I'm earning my keep…) just don't look up, the ceiling really could use a second coat, but I refuse!

The only satisfying part of painting in my opinion is actually applying the new colour on the wall, and liking the new colour… the rest is just annoying.

I'll be done tomorrow afternoon, and ready to enjoy a week-end at home! A nice steak dinner and drinks on Saturday and our anniversary (6 years!) on Sunday (the moms are coming over for Chinese take-out).

Why is it that the best parts of the week-end seem to revolve around food? Perhaps it's the social aspect of it… perhaps it's the reason I need to drop 20lbs…

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