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So I've been thinking about stuff and things. We have a lot of things, certainly not as much as some people, but we have enough.

Here's a list of things that we have too much of, or things that we have, but don't use often enough to warrant a place in our house…

– Pens. I bet we have over 50 pens. I gave a bunch to my sister in law (teacher) but what can you do? I can't throw out perfectly good pens? Let me know if you need any…

– Odd kitchen appliances and gadgets. My mother in law watches and orders from infomercials. Yes she does! So we have a weird sandwich maker, the Ultimate Chopper/Blender/Change the oil in your car… we also have things that we  use rarely, such as onion blossom maker (never been used… but I might use it one day…) a garlic press (I always chop my own…) corn on the cob holders. (pretty flimsy) well you get the point… I'll have to purge again once I feel the need to re-organize the kitchen.

- CD's. We have a box that we've hardly cracked since we moved here in late 2004 full of CD's. One day I might put them all on the computer then burn a disc or two (if I ever get an MP3 player, yes I'd download them…) but this is really low on my list of things to do, as I pretty much listen to only talk or sports, or news radio… hmm…

– Plants. I just realized that we have a lot of plants, actually we've had the same number for years now (except the Adults Only Huge Phallic Shaped Cacti) but they have all grown so much. No more plants here thanks… Oh, oh, I found a picture of the cactus from about a year ago.. it's larger now, oh yeah, I have a lot of pictures too….


– DVD's and video games. We rarely watch DVD's. We hardly play video games (especially PS2) and although we don't need to get rid of any, we really don't need any more.

– Barware. We are bordering on too much. We have a ton of glasses, shot glasses, coasters, whatever you name we have it.

– Billy's coats and jackets. Good Lord the man has kept every piece of outerwear he has worn since puberty! I bet we have close to 20. He refuses to part with any! Thank God for SpaceBags! 

– Magazines. We have way too many magazines. I can't just toss them in the recycle, because I think someone might be able to use them. If you need gardening magazines or EGM or OPM let me know!

Well that's about it. Not too much I can or am willing to do about our excess stuff….

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