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Today I sort of cleaned the house. I didn't put any great effort into it, as I know that we will be making a mess, and cleaning up a bit before the SuperBowl festivities on Sunday. So while I was halfheartedly cleaning I snapped a few pictures and now will do a photo essay of sorts.

Our House…

After the recent 'Mouse Adventure, (worthy of its own post, really) Billy suggested that we should pull out the oven and sweep underneath… this is what I found…

This is our largest plant. I'm pretty sure that it won't grow any taller… Please note the shiny, recently painted French door…

Here is the recently painted bathroom. Please note the Insane Asylum Green colour, now perhaps known as Brittany Spears Spearmint, or my favorite, Sanitarium Sage.

This is the AeroGarden that MomG gave me for Christmas, and so far so good, can't wait for the basil! The thing is possessed and the light comes on at all God forsaken hours of the night!

Here is soon to be meatloaf, (to be frozen, actually…)

This is the view from our front door, isn't this exciting?

Halia became bored with my cleaning. She cosied herself up on our bed. This is our new bedroom colour, and we're going to do the entire house with it. It's actually much darker than it appears…

This is the old guy that lives across the road who obsessively shovels his driveway. (He once used his snowblower on ours, that was nice…) These are the people that constantly have cars coming and going all day long. If he wasn't a really well known Conservative political dude, I'd swear they were running a crack house.

Oh the hawk. I got over my extreme hate for the hawk, (or whatever it is) and have now accepted it as a cheesey part of our fireplace mantle. It still may go missing one day…

This is my favorite picture of Billy and I. I think it was our Hawaiian (maybe Caribbean) cruise. Also my favorite shot glasses from Kiks in the background…

I love this picture. It's about 3 feet by 3 feet! It's a map of Europe, but it is Sideways! I just love it! 

This is our keyboard, this is why I can't type. World of Warcraft has obliterated the letters on our keyboard for the most part…

This is the new growth on our tree. Too funny. It looks like our tree is wearing a beanie with a propeller on it!

This was a Christmas gift from BMW, which we immediately broke at the base, but Billy had stainless steel added to it, and now it is awesome! Pretty much the only bar accessory that we didn't already own. The bar towel I found on the 7th hole at Sutton Creek. I love Strongbow!

It's this facinating?

Is it a phonebooth? No! We think it was a cabinet minister's locker from provincial parliament. My sister found it, and I love it! It has a box of old CD's in it and a yet to be installed weather station. Yes, a weather station…

Arg! Computer cords! These drive me crazy! I do my best to ignore them. It's proof that I'm not full blown OCD, or this would send me over the edge! At least they're not dusty… right?

This is the innards of our bar fridge. Please note the 10 different kinds of beer, 7 different coolers, the very old 'hellava good dip', and enough mixers for a real bar…

Huge Pointsettia Plant. Still kickin'!

Here is a dust bunny colony I discovered under the table downstairs. They tend to dwell here. There is also several unidentified chunks of something. So annoying! 

Here is 'Head Gear for Nerds'. Billy looks so cool with them on!  

This concludes this photo tour. I'm sure you now realize that I need another hobby (I'm saving my books for SD trip…). Thanks for making it to the end. If you would like to recommend another tour, please do so in the comment section.

Thank you and good day.

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5 thoughts on “A picture tour

    maura_ea said:
    February 1, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    You have a very nice house!

    LG said:
    February 1, 2008 at 6:06 pm

    Thanks, I hope you don't think I was showing off… I would have skipped the dust bunnies… 😉

    maura_ea said:
    February 1, 2008 at 6:12 pm

    No, no, no 🙂 I could tell your intent when you displayed a dog, two plants and the dust bunnies 🙂 I'm in love with your hardwood floors to tell you the truth.

    LG said:
    February 3, 2008 at 8:58 am

    Thanks, but they are laminate! When we built the house we had a dog, and knew that we probably always would, and the flooring is much more durable than hardwood!

    maura_ea said:
    February 4, 2008 at 11:27 am

    I need to do some research on hardwood vs. laminate. My parents have laminate, and it chips so easily so I've been against it. But then you say it's more durable so I wonder…

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