Where, oh where has LG been?

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I'm right here.

I've been a little busy, meaning that my days of late have held some small purpose for me. This week, I painted our bedroom. Unless you've undertaken such a feat, you may not fully understand and appreciate the enormity of the project, especially when you are a tad OCD… so I'll elaborate….


– Removed everything except 2 dressers, the bed and the bedside table, including eveything from the closet, and light fixtures

– Vacuumed and swiffer dusted the ceiling

– Painted the ceiling


– Vacuumed and swiffer dusted the walls and baseboards, putty-ed cracks and marks in the wall

– Taped the carpet, and all the shelving in the closet, the window, and doors. I tried to tape the French Doors, and gave up after one of 60 window panels

– Painted the trim, and French Doors

– Removed the tape 

Day 3

– Sanded the putty-ed areas, then had to re-vacuum and swiffer dust said areas. Opps, will remember that one…

– Taped the ceiling and the baseboards, (not easy in case you don't know….)

– Painted the walls including the entire closet 2 coats.

– Removed tape, (with Billy's help)

Later Day 3

– Scraped the paint off the window panels from the French Doors. It takes 1 hour to do one door…

– Moved back furniture, (with Billy's help)

– Hung pictures, and moved most items back into the bedroom

Day 4

– Moved the clothes back into the closet

– Organized mine and Billy's clothes according to most frequently worn.

– Went to Hardware store to purchase more painter's tape and supplies for the next painting adventure, and additional shelving for the closet

– Put together a shelving unit for out shoes, (okay 8 are mine, 1 pair is Billy's…)

– Put together a 7 foot high tower for hats

Day 5

– Billy cuts out the bottam bit of the tower so it can be flush against the wall

- I a) attach the thing to the wall in 4 places, b) attach a rod c) admire my handiwork, d) consider a possible future in closet organization (this by the way used, 2 screw drivers, a drill, a hammer, a little saw thing, the name escapes me right now, and a measuring tape.

– I declare to myself that I have skills.

– Use ceiling paint and trim paint to correct the few mistakes I made, (I'm good, Billy says that I'm too hard on myself, I bite my tongue re: OCD)


I have done more this week as well, and I'll elaborate, for your reading pleasure, later… (that was sarcasm btw) 



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2 thoughts on “Where, oh where has LG been?

    BMW said:
    January 28, 2008 at 10:46 am

    My goodness you have been busy! We are so lucky that we do not have trim or floors or furniture to deal with yet. Hope it turned out really well!

    maura_ea said:
    January 28, 2008 at 11:47 am

    I love having such productive outcomes! Congrats on having skills 😛

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