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I just finished yesterday a new (er) book, I think it was released in November called, 'Rhett Butler's People'. Unless you're living in a snow cave on the polar cap, you may know that Rhett was an incredibly significant character in Gone With The Wind.

This was book was apparently authorized by Margaret Mitchell's family to be authored by a person they respected as an authoritative Civil War fictionalist, (if that's not a word, it should be…)

After I read it, I looked up a bunch of reviews and they can pretty much Suck It. Mostly they discussed they 'social commentary' the author imposed on the reader, the lack of continuity with the novel, 'Scarlett' (authorized but by a different author I believe in the 80's…), etc. It really sounded like all the reviews were actually written by the same person, or perhaps only one person read it and had an original opinion and others decided to expound on, (steal) their thoughts.

Regardless, what do you expect? It's not as great as the original, but if you desire to be transported to the South during the Cival War, and hear about Rhett's amazing life, and all the other characters from GWTW, then you would love this book.

I did, I loved it!

Rhett Butler's People
Donald McCaig

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