Of and about New Years

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Yesterday afternoon I was still recovering in bed and when Billy came in to check on me, I told him that I hated 2008. It ain't great.

I had a hang-over to beat all hang-overs, and I thought is was going to be a hang-forever because I felt mc'shitty until about 8pm. Yes, 8pm.

I must say that this New Years was absolutely fantastic. The night flew by! The dinner was exceptional, (if I do say so myself), the friends, the laughs, the games, the drinks, the snacks, the hot tub, (it was really windy and snowy…) everything. Best of all, Billy and I had a great time, and he totally helped out with food and cleaning up whilst I entertained… (watching me DDR is entertaining…)


This is why you don't Dance Dance with a cocktail:


I also would like to thank my friends that came over. I hope that you had as good of a time as we did.

Lastly, (well nearly) I love our house. It is so perfect for what we do. We're able to all be in the same room, some boxing, or playing tennis while others are snacking and conversing. It works so well for us, and it makes me happy.

Now re: resolutions, I don't really have any that warrant reviewing. Be a good person, possibly attempt to earn some money, (l love having no pressure to do so…) be a better wife, daughter, friend, dog mom: read more, and spend less time watching TV… etc, etc, etc.

All the best to y'all.

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One thought on “Of and about New Years

    Kiki said:
    January 3, 2008 at 11:18 am

    New Years Eve was the best time ever and it went way to fast. We want to thank-you guys once again for bringing in the New Year with such fun and laughs…..you and Mike and truly the best friends a person could ever want. There is no question to were we would like to be on New Years Eve….it can't get any better than at your house with great food,

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