Good fall and Happy Thanksgiving!

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The other day I totally blasted fall. I was having a bad day. It was dark, cold and miserable outside. Things are looking better now… the sun is shining, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, (tonight we have dinner at Mrs. Grady's…) there is football on TV… and our Tennessee vacation is just around the corner…

Good things about fall:

– It's not too hot to work outside.
– When the sun us shining, it can be quite lovely outside. The grass is vibrant green, the leaves are changing, and the sky is blue.
– Halloween is near. Finally it is socially acceptable for adults to play dress up like a 4 year old. It is also an excellent excuse to buy and eat candy.
– It is the only acceptable time of the year to wear the colour orange. You can't wear orange in any other season, it just doesn't work. I love the fall colours of orange, brown, rusty red, and green. (I changed the blog's appearance to reflect this seasonal change.)
– It's nice to go in the hot tub on cool crisp evenings. The hot tub is not so nice in the summer, when the last thing you crave is to sit in 99*F water after suffering through a 98*F daytime high. Also not fun is trying to enjoy the hot tub when a blizzard is blowing about and a wind chill factor of -25*F.
– Football. I love kicking back on a Sunday afternoon and watch some football. (Last night the Tennessee Vols played, combining football and the colour orange…)
– Christmas is around the corner. I love Christmas, and I've already started to shop and look forward to more!

– Fall can be gorgeous even when a storm is approaching. I took these pictures at Seven Lakes Golf Course a few weeks back, just before a huge storm let loose. It's a gorgeous course, and that night I golfed a 43… Gorgeous isn't it. It was about 74*F that night. It started to pour just as we were walking in from the 18th hole.

– The kids are back in school, which means I know that they won't be calling before 3pm. ahhh…
– Volleyball has started, and will continue until the Spring. I already heard one amazing Dave Bedard story…

So considering everything, fall is not that bad after all. It will never be my favourite season, but it's better than winter.
I hope that you find ways to enjoy this change in season.

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