Frog saga

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On Friday I decided to clean out the pond. It had recently taken on a distinctive green colour: (There are five frogs in this picture.)

Of course I worried how the frogs would take this trauma. I scooped out the dull lime coloured water into buckets, leaving only an inch or two at the bottom. The 5 frogs were decidedly freaking out. I used a small pond skimmer to trap them, and put them into a deep bucket with some of the pond plants. (Billy uses this bucket to clean the hot tub filter.)

Well, lucky for me, I had Myles as a helper, and we washed the rocks, scrubbed the pond form, and hosed down the slimy waterfall. During this time the poor frogs were desperately attempting to escape their captivity to no avail.

After the pond was all cleaned out, Myles slowly dumped the frogs and plants back into the now crystal clear water. They freaked out, and didn't recognize their home. They hopped away, and hid behind rocks. Obviously this really bothered me, because I wrongly assumed they would love their clean pond.

Well, now it is Sunday morning, and the frogs have not recovered, and some have not returned. They were just starting to trust me, allowing me stare at them without seeking refuge in the green water. That's all changed now. The few frogs that are left, hid immediately once they see me coming.

Well, all I can do is hope for their return. I guess we'll see.

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