The Downside(s)

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In general, working from home is so very awesome (tell us something new, LG). There are however a few downsides (are you whining about work again LG?).

No, just the facts…

Working at home involves a lot of email. Like, a lot.

Without any exaggeration (you gotta love that preface…) I have only met with my one client once in 2 years and spoken to them on the phone 3 times, (and one was a crank call, okay, just kidding) Oh, and FYI, he’s my favourite client. And because (I know, don’t start a sentence with a conjunction, duh) I’m fairly autonomous in what I do (because, like who cares about social media, right?) I don’t often have a lot of ‘in real life’ (IRL) communication with my clients.

And that’s cool, (more poor grammar; please excuse! I’m not on the clock, it’s my blog gall darnit!)

However, at times, there’s things I need to know, ask or request.


Like for instance (wow, I’m on a poor grammar roll!)…

Subject: 1 question

LG: Hi Greg,

I hope everything is going well with you, I have 1 question…

I understand Lionel is starting July 1st. Could you possibly send me his biography within the first few days of July? I will use this as a blog article, on the ‘about us page’ and in the next eNewsletter.

Thanks so much,


Greg’s response

(no greeting or hello… that’s cool…)

Lionel does not start until July 1st. So it only makes sense to send you his bio within the first week of July. I think this would be great to include this in the July eNewsletter.

LG (in my head)

You’re frickin brilliant. Yes! Perfect. Wow. I gotta write that shit down, as it’s such a unique and original concept to grasp. Where oh where did you come up with that idea? 

LG’s Response

Hi Greg,

That sounds great! I look forward to receiving his bio in the first week of July.

Have a great day!



Or this:

Subject: 3 things

Hi Mackie,

1) I’m available for a meeting online on Tuesday at 3pm as previously discussed. Are you still available to meet at that time?

2) I have prepared the report for the next steps of the marketing plan. Please review the attached document ‘Next Steps: Marketing Plan’. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know before our meeting.

3) Did you happen to attain the Giant Panda from China? If so, I’ll like to name in James in honour of my grandfather. Please let me know – thanks!

Have a great day, I look forward to hearing back from you.


Mackie’s Response

(No greeting or salutation, please note the grammatical errors.)

I tart work a 10 on Mondays,

LG (in my head)

Wow, that is so informative and helpful. Let me mark that on my calendar under the the heading ‘WTF Are You Talking About? Have You Had Your ADD Tested Lately?’ (Just a joke, I fully understand that ADD is a real medical problem for millions of people.)

LG’s Real Response

Hi Mackie,

Thanks for your reply. In regards to my last email, I have 3 questions… please send me your response as soon as convenient. Thanks so much for your time.

1) I’m available for a meeting on Tuesday at 3pm. Are you available to meet at that time online as previously discussed?

2) I have prepared the report for the next steps of the marketing plan. Please review the attached document ‘Next Steps: Marketing Plan’ If you have any questions or comments, please let me know before our meeting.

3) Did you happen to attain the Giant Panda from China? If so, I’ll like to name in James in honour of my grandfather. Please let me know if this works for you. Thanks so much!

I look forward to your response. Talk to you soon,


Mackie’s response:

Hi LG,

Its been a crasy week hear wow really so busy thanks for you’re email ive only just red it and so important yes the proposal Tues at 6pm is perfect and the jaguar isn’t ready for pick up although I mind some sliver and thas was awsom.

LG (in my head)

Dear Moron,

Are you frickin drunk? It’s 9am on a Monday, so wow, good for you. I sent you 3 questions nearly a week ago. My uber sneaky, ninja email software tells me you opened it 4 days ago in Delaware. Delaware? If you went to Delaware, this is something I should know. Howabout my 3 very direct, hard to misunderstand questions? Can you focus for 8 seconds and answer me so I can do my job… y’know… the thing you pay me for? 

LG’s Real Response

Hi Mackie, 

Wow, that sounds exciting! I didn’t realize you were out of town. With regard to the 3 questions I asked you last Tuesday, if you could get back to me as soon as possible? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks so much.


Like, really? Could you imagine walking into someone’s office, and asking them, “What time is the meeting today?” and them replying, “Monkey jackass sausage brains light switch leg twitch!”

Why is email communication so lost in translation? Seriously? I’m gonna estimate I waste 10 hours a week trying to:

  • Decipher poor grammar and spelling.
  • Receive an answer to an email that I sent.
  • Receive an answer to an email that I sent.
  • Receive an answer to an email that I sent.

Of course I receive daily the ‘random thought’ emails… one of my life’s true jous. These people will send 8 emails within 4 minutes in reply to one email… each email featuring a poorly written random thought. With my super sneaky ninja email program, I can seriously see that they have not even finished reading the email completely before replying! Seriously?

Here’s my advice.

  • Receive the email
  • Read the email
  • Take a breath if necessary
  • Re-read the email if necessary
  • Reply thoroughly to said email
  • Get on with life
  • Then drink alcohol
  • Enjoy! Now knowing you have the love and etiquette email approval of LG! (Wow, 2012? Time flies.)

Oh, and of course there’s the people that just don’t bother to check their email anymore… because there’s too many of them…

It’s all just entertainment now. Like seriously…  so… If someone who pays me can’t be bothered to properly reply… why should I care?


(Thing is though… I do)


(…end scene… fade to black)

Random picture:
432William and my nephew Myles… whose college graduation is tomorrow. I’m so proud of him! Oh, and he’s valedictorian of his class! Amazing.


I Can Almost Taste It

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Only 3 short days until (partial) work freedom! So close, I can almost taste it!

I’ll be down to only 3 contracts for 1 month. Yay!

Although two of the three are my busiest contracts… and the last one is a new, challenging contract… still! It’ll be great. Summer of LG 2015.

During this time, I’m going to:

  • Redo MomG’s front garden bed
  • Go to Port Stanley with the girls for a week-end
  • Go to TN with William for more than a week (yay!)
  • Work around the yard, lounge in the sun, READ BOOKS (haven’t read a book in 2 months – a sad record for me!)
  • Golf and work on my golf game (took a lesson last week… first time since I was 12!)


Last night William and I saw the new Jurassic Park movie and had a nice dinner out… today golf and steak night date night in… tomorrow, my mom’s b-day pool party… Tuesday my nephew graduates from college (he’s valedictorian of his small class)… busy, fun times. Life’s good.


Random pic time… the back of our house from 2006… I’ll post an updated pic soon…


A Little Reflection

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Just a little look back to when I was 25ish…

I was living a great life, although poor… I mean below poverty level poor. I had a lot… friends, family, a place to live, a car and occasionally food to eat – but it was hard times.

What I didn’t have was heat for a few months of the year, a phone (I had to ride my bike about 3/4 of a km, and if they were closed – like after 4pm – I had to ride my bike about 1.5 kms and stand outside a phone booth, often in not so great weather! Sometimes I had to change pennies in to get a quarter…), gas money to get anywhere, not to mention money for fun stuff, a gym membership, clothes or the like. I was lucky to have my mom’s pantry to ‘shop’ at… occasionally loading up on canned soup, (I recall one time having a can of beets for dinner, yum!), and friends and a sister who would sometimes bring me Pepsi and a Subway sub. My grocery budget was $16 a week. $16 can actually buy a lot of Chef Boy-R-D.

I had a boyfriend who did pay for my bowling league ($11 a week) – my one consistently ‘fun’ night out – with the pre-requisite that I pick him up and drive him home after, so he could have a few drinks (I couldn’t afford a few drinks, and sometimes I didn’t have the gas to get around). I also had a great friend who let me live in his attic in the winter, and in exchange I worked for him on and off and occasionally he’d pay me, so I didn’t have the personal shame of moving back home.

I was still starting off in a new career, one that is most successful when backed by a large network or friends and family – which I had, but not particularly within the demographic necessary to any significant or consistent income… especially when one realizes that my father was dying at the time, and me living close to him, and not having a typical 9-5 job – some more responsibility feel on me, taking time away from my career ambitions and ultimately income.

Tough times.

Would I change a thing? Not really, not a whole lot. If I could go back, I’d spend even more time with my father of course. I might have sucked it up and moved back home to not burden my generous friends. I might not have created additional financial strain for myself by purchasing a house I could never live in. Hmm… I guess I would have changed my ‘actions’, and not so much my ‘things’ or lifestyle. Interesting.

1909878_51286865597_1140_nThe bottom line is that it was (and still is) my life and I made the best choices (or so I thought) at that time. When you’re 25 (feel free to insert any age, really), you think you know everything… and in my opinion (hey, it’s my blog!), it’s difficult to understand that life will never be ‘fair’. Trust me, I wanted what some of my peers had back then… but life is all about the daily choices we make and indeed, sacrifices and perseverance.  Who knows? Maybe my friends admired my independence and ability to live without a lot.

Bottom line numero deux – I took responsibility for my life and choices.

Yep, within a few short years I met my husband, and yes, many of my financial problems disappeared, but I wouldn’t trade those lean years for anything. Maybe he wouldn’t have loved my personality if I hadn’t experienced what I did. Maybe I wouldn’t have seen something so special within him if I didn’t have those life events… who knows? But we are only our past experiences, what we’re doing today to better ourselves with a dash of hope for the future.

I learned so much about real life and true friendship during that time, and I’m glad I had those experiences.

Life is good. Yes, even blissful.

A Love/Hate Relationship With the 3rd of June

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Love – it’s my MIL’s birthday, and she’s pretty awesome! We celebrated last night so William wouldn’t miss his golf league tonight… hmm…

Love – the song! Ode to Billy Joe. 2014 Essex County Masters (73)

Hate – the fact that I CAN’T STOP SINGING THE SONG!

And trust me, I know every word.

Oh, and while I’m here… if you’re looking for a warm, fuzzy, redeeming story… check this out.

Life’s good.

Random pic time! 2014 Essex County Masters tourney… Look at that (terrible! Where’s the upper body rotation?) form!


A Reminder of ‘G-Us’

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Whoa… a blog from LG? Was she hacked? Oh no, it’s me. Wiser, older, slighter fatter…

I just read a Facebook post from one of the first bloggers I ever started reading – it was a link to an post of hers from 2008 (2008? Indeed! I remember I found her by searching something like ‘punk golf clothes Canada’ – I found her blog and the rest is history) … an amazing chick from BC, who in so many ways I totally relate to. Anywho…

So it was either shut down the computer for the night, or pour (another) glass of wine, try to remember my log in and say something. Anything!

I probably ‘think’ about blogging every day. The fact is I spend way too much time online working, a lot of which is writing blogs (is that irony?).

I loved documenting my life and thoughts online. It was a good release. It was a creative outlet. I enjoyed the community. (Yes! I still miss Vox!)

So… maybe I’m back to blogging. Maybe I’m inspired once again to re-connect with my community (only 2 guys really, you know who you are…). Maybe I’m ready to become a good ‘neighbour’ (damn I miss Vox) again.

IM000362I’ll let you know how it goes.

Let’s have a pic…

There ya go… random pic from my wedding (me and my mom) – 13 odd years ago.

See ya soon. (Maybe).

Thanks for reading.

A little about my ‘Mental Health Break’

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From July 16th until August 18th I was off on a bit of a ‘mental health break’ as I like to call it.

During that time I only was working for 2 of my 5 seasonal contracts – and it was awesome. I totally needed it – especially the break from my ‘big’ or ‘main’ contract.

Well, it’s been over for a week now and I’m really happy I had that time – it was awesome working only a couple hours a day, for 5 days a week rather than working the 6-10 hours a day I was working 7 days a week. Ahhh.

I really imagined I’d be lounging by the pool, reading books, seeing friends, golfing, taking the dogs for walks everyday and catching up on yard and house work… mostly that didn’t happen.

Why? We were gone to Quebec and PEI for 11 days. I was in Pennsylvania for 5 days (for a retreat for my ‘main’ contract, where we worked on the future of the business, ate and drank well) – so that really took up a good part of my break.

I did spend one week-end fully on the couch – officially doing nothing but reading, watching movies and playing video games – well, I felt like such a sloth I immediately went on a cleaning bender – which was a good thing.

I realized that one of the things that drive me nuts when I’m feeling overwhelmed by work stuffs is the condition of the house – so I attacked the kitchen cupboards inside and out, cleaned out the fridges, the bar, the disaster of a laundry closet, etc. There are still a few things I’d like to accomplish (clean out parts of the garden, the garage, and do a tiny bit of landscaping work in the backyard), but I feel so much better.

It’s a bit of a bonus for me that I am only working 3 contracts right now. One contract (which I’m not sure if is going to continue) is on hold until after Labour Day week-end (when his schedule returns to normal with his children back in school) and the other contract depends on the guy sending me pictures of what he’s working on, and he’s pretty much been working on only one huge industrial contract – not very good for social media – so that one’s on hold for maybe another month or two.

I learned a lot about myself on this little break – and I’m working on moving forward with work and life with better time management, organization and prioritization skills – all while living an awesome ‘offline’ life.

Which, indeed, is good.

Thanks for listening.

Real quick like

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Ack – not much time to write… and a lack of ambition to boot.

I’m at a work retreat in Potter’s County Pennsylvania – otherwise known as the true ‘middle of nowhere’. Honest.

Very quiet, very peaceful. Here’s a pic –

10502071_10152205023315598_8538849276458291911_nThat is all for now. More to come some other time.

Life’s good.