Back from PEI – mostly pics

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Wow – what a great trip!

Here’s the scoop… we drove about 10 hours (horrendous Toronto morning traffic) and arrived at our hotel just outside old Quebec City. I have always wanted to go there and I wasn’t disappointed! It really did feel like a European city. I could believe how busy it was on a Wednesday night.

Who couldn’t resist this alley beckoning a thirsty tourist? Certainly not us!



William protecting the city. IMG_2012

Chateau Frontenac.IMG_2068

Gorgeous night.IMG_2072

Beers and cheers.


Friends met us in Charlottetown PEI on Thursday night and I had one of the best dinners ever! Awesome night…


This was our resort – the Links of Crowbush – on the central north shore of PEI. We had a fabulous suite that overlooked the grounds, the course and the ocean… ours was on the second floor, the last room on the far right… awesome!


The view from our room.


Of course the golf and scenery was fabulous!




Drive in! (terrible pic of me)


I may have been slightly intoxicated…

I’m going to post more about our vacation later… life is good!



Crunch Time

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My one ‘boss’ says something like, ‘if you want to see how productive you can be; book a vacation’. True dat.

It also goes with the idea of, ‘do all your working hours of the day have the same level of productivity?’ Hells no.

Preparing for a getaway makes me need a vacation even more!

  • Arranging for garbage pick up and mail.
  • Water plants
  • Have someone water the garden
  • Move flowers to my moms for her easy access to care for
  • Have someone check on the pond
  • 1.3 million work stuffs
  • Dog stuff to MomG’s!
  • Pack (prolly should do that!)
  • Do I bother cleaning my nasty golf clubs? I should at least clean out my golf bag
  • To the bank! Again!
  • I need another golf shirt (dang, none fit since my recent weight gain!) arg!

The list at this point appears infinite – and I will be working for 2 clients while away – rats! (But at least they’re all set up until Saturday morning – yay!)

Better get to it! It’ll all be more than worth the effort – adventure! New things!

I better golf well…

Life’s good.

Just another Monday

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Which isn’t a bad thing.

I don’t really dread Mondays like the rest of the world seems to. I look at it is a fresh start – I don’t want to sound like a giant cheeseball, but it’s true.

I usually have a meeting on Monday – at 10am – which generally is 5 hours into my day… and today’s is an online meeting because…

- One guy is in Pennsylvannia.

- One guy is near me in Windsor, Ontario

- There’s me… I’m at home.

- One guy is in Sau Paulo, Brazil.

- And the last guy is on vacation in Thailand and won’t be in on the meeting.

I don’t think this meeting will result in a lot of work for me – the Brazilian boys don’t yet know I’m ‘taking a month off’ from that contract (well, except the the work retreat and any prep involved beforehand – creating my agenda for the meetings), So that’s a big fat YAY!

Also today (or tomorrow) – hit the bank, (nice not having to buy US dollars for a vacation for once!), get new stickers for my license plate renewal, golf, random errands (neither of us have toothpaste!), etc… ah.

Life’s good – and this next month is going to be great!

Lucky LG

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I am one lucky girl, with a hard working husband.

It’s been a darned good year for us – lots of adventure, lots of travel and lots more upcoming fun.

We are now Browns season ticket holders (bought before Manziel was drafted… that had nothing to do with our decision). So that means a few Cleveland trips this year (the first being the home opener against the Saints. Woo hoo.

Very soon we’re travelling to PEI on a golf trip. I haven’t been to that area of Canada since I was about 7 or 8 (With my parents and one brother – it was a convention), we stayed at St. Andrew’s By the Sea in New Brunswick and ventured into Nova Scotia. I’ve never been to PEI and Billy has never been to that area at all. We’re going to stay the first night in Old Quebec City – it’s like North America’s only true European city – looks pretty cool. Oh, and we’re driving. Expected travel time is 20 hours – yikes!

Map 1

I think the drive time would be significantly reduced if we could cut through Maine.

Map 2

But that would require roads… which there aren’t any of.

Oh well, the point of driving is to see the area (plus it costs less to fly to Hawaii than to PEI, and they don’t have a lot of car rentals available).

I know the Canada US border is messed up in areas (like one tiny blip in BC – seen at 3.51 in this funny video discussing the US – Canada border), but it would make more sense to me that everything south of the St. Lawrence be US, and everything north, Canada. But whatevs. Not important.

PEI is known for being a) small b) the home of Anne of Green Gables (required reading for any girl under the age of 11 in Canada) c) a culinary/seafood tourism d) having red beaches and e) good golf.

In early August I’m also venturing to Pennsylvannia for a business planning retreat for my ‘main contract’. So let’s review my past and upcoming adventures…

Within about a year… I have (or will) have stayed in…. Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Quebec, PEI, Tennessee, Florida, California, Hawaii and Nevada. I have also visited, New York, New Brunswick, Kentucky, Georgia and Utah.

Cool! Lucky LG.

Life’s good.


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It’s nearly the week-end… which generally doesn’t mean much to me as I always squeeze in some work, but… less work.

I recently (which does have something to do with this week-end) sent out 1 long slightly awkward email. It went… okay. I think everything will be fine.

I sent one short email, followed by a brief conversation, which went super well.

I had a meeting yesterday afternoon which (related to the 2 emails, but not the same person) which went exceedingly well.

I’m feeling better.

Here’s the thing… I need a break. I’ve been really busy with my one contract since about January and ‘doing the usual’ for my 4 others. I am social media-ed out. I’m becoming resentful of having to work 7 days a week (although Sundays is usually only a couple of hours… but occasionally 4 – 7 hours, and only 2 other days a week would be considered a ‘full day’). I’m ‘taking a break’ with 3 of my contracts for a month – one being my ‘big’ main contract.

The timing is good all around for all parties involved, and I’m looking forward to…

The Summer of Liz (well a month anyways). I have plans! Goals! And I hope to reach decisions on a few things that I’ve been ‘thinking’ about.

July 15th is the first day of the Summer of Liz, until then, there’s a lot to be done!


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Sometimes I’m tempted to post something on Facebook like…

‘Today I’m doing something so cool and exclusive with people who are richer, smarter and significantly better looking than any of you.’

Here are some ways I’m continually entertained on Facebook.

The ‘ambiguous’ posters are always entertaining – ‘I hate people‘ – always followed by a barrage of comments, ‘oh… what happened?’ or some inspirational quote crap.

Woe is me or my family – ‘Prayers needed‘. Shut up. Facebook prayers are probably just as relevant as the Facebook ‘friends’ who give them.

The ‘my family is awesome‘ posters are also good to have – ‘I’m so proud of Joshy’s 4th place in his 100 metre heat at track today. WTG Joshy!

The ‘living vicariously through their kids‘ people’ – ‘Looking forward to ball tonight‘! Guess what… they don’t play ball, their kids do.

HahaThe ‘ridiculously obviou’s people – ‘Going grocery shopping!’ – Wow, that’s fascinating. Along with them are the people obsessed with weather… ‘Looks like rain!‘ Might be interesting if they lived in the Arctic.

No ‘original thoughts’ peeps – These people only share inspirational quotes, cat videos and memes. I like them because they are predictable. It gives me comfort.

The people that believe ‘everyone is jealous’ of them – ‘Haters can hate, I’ll always have my amazing husband and twin hamsters!‘ Replies are always something you can nod along like a country song, ‘Stay strong… you go girl… they’re just jealous!

The people I can’t believe graduated highschool with English as their first language – ‘I’m greatful too all those who donated there time today.’ I’m often tempted to leave a correct version in the comment section… but then I’d be the bitchy grammar Nazi on Facebook.

Who am I on Facebook? Pretty much a touch of all the above I guess – except the ‘prayers’, plus a little article sharing on behalf of my clients.

So that’s that.

Life’s good.


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Last night Billy and I ventured over to the D to see the Tigers game. Of course we went over early to experience some bars (and homeless beggars). Fun, well, not the homeless beggars, but the D has some exceptional dive bars, which I am a fan of (the Detroiter, The Detroit Pub and The Old Shillelagh just to name a few…)

Friends met us at Cheli’s and when we arrived in the stadium the score was already 5 – nothing for the Dodgers – but the Tigers made a huge comeback and won.

I’m not a baseball fan – I do like the atmosphere and when something exciting happens, but in general I find baseball about as exciting ¬†watching paint dry. There were a bunch of foul balls that hit off the upper deck and came near us (we were the section closest to the first base, 16 rows up – very good seats). One ball in particular hit off the upper deck and came right at us, nearly hitting the man in front of us who happened to be the father of the Dodger’s pitcher who was pulled after allowing 5 runs in the second inning.

So that was exciting.

It was a good night.

Yeah for summer funs!